License, PUC: A-8919760 (610)985-7900

Whether you’re moving out of a 4 BR house with a finished basement and full garage, or a 1 BR apartment, important guidelines should be followed when hiring a moving company in Pennsylvania. Moving is one of the most stressful events in someone’s life, and you want to make sure you hire a legal moving company to ensure a smooth transition during this phase.

The PUC (Pennsylvania Utility Commission) regulates all commercial and personal property being transported by motor carriers in Pennsylvania. A company operating in Pennsylvania that transports such property, is required to have a PUC certificate/license. Any company that does not have this PUC # is operating illegal and is subject to criminal charges. Also, a $10,000 fine and confiscation of the vehicle is also a consequence. Imagine your belongings confiscated because you hired an illegal moving company. The PUC ensures companies hold adequate insurance, hire responsible drivers, and are compliant to their regulations, which in turn, provides a safe moving experience for consumers.

On the other hand, just because a moving company has a PUC #, this shouldn’t be your sole determinant when looking to hire a moving company. It’s important you do research on potential moving companies you’re looking to hire. After all, this company will be the one handling your family heirlooms and expensive pieces of furniture. These guidelines below, will help ensure you hire a reputable moving company.

searching movingSearching:  Movers, Local moving companies

Using keywords. Like most people in this world, you turn to Google when searching for specific services. Using keywords such as Movers, Local moving companies, and Moving companies near me, is a great start to finding a licensed moving company. Make sure the company has a website that clearly displays their PUC #.


Moving companies near meMoving companies near me

Look for a moving company located within 10-20 miles of your house.




Moving starLook for a 4-star rating or higher

Check out what customers have said about their experience with the moving company. Aside from Goggle, check other sources for reviews and/or complaints such as BBB, Yelp, and Facebook.



Moving company PhotosCheck out real photos posted by the company

A reputable moving company should post photos of their work to help give customers an idea the kind of work and effort they put into handling your furniture.



Moving quoteOn-site estimate

A company representative should come out to do an on-site estimate, especially on larger moves. Customers should be weary of companies that just want to do over-the-phone estimates.

Make sure to obtain a written quote before hiring a company. A quote should be provided by the company explaining in detail, the different charges and the expected price for the job. Most importantly, the written quote should include Full Value Insurance somewhere. Again, this is hard to do without an on-site walk-through.



Moving companies“Mom & Pop” moving companies

Look for smaller, “Mom & Pop” moving companies. Smaller, licensed moving companies tend to use employees that have moving experience and little over head to ensure a more intimate moving experience. Larger companies tend to take on a lot of jobs every day and use day-laborers who have little to no experience.



Moving Security depositSecurity deposit

Don’t pay a large security deposit. Most moving companies require a security deposit. This ensures that if you back out last minute, then the resources used to prepare for job will not go to waste. Reputable companies will not ask for more than 10% security deposit. You should only pay the full amount upon delivery of your goods.



Moving truckMake sure the moving company can handle the job.

If you live in a big house, have a lot of items, and are moving across state, you want to make sure the moving company you’re hiring can handle this type of job with the right type of truck and equipment. Also, if you’re a larger company and are moving a lot of offices, you want to make sure the moving company has an abundance of moving equipment and guys to get the job done efficiently.

After reviewing these guidelines, and you think you found the right moving company, it’s most important to go with your gut feeling. Don’t overthink this process. If you feel like the moving company is a good fit for your needs, then don’t hesitate to book with them.